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Home / Blog / Environmental Innovation in Export Furniture: A Sustainable Vision for Earth

Environmental Innovation in Export Furniture: A Sustainable Vision for Earth

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 04-22-2024      Origin: Site

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Every year on April 22, we celebrate Earth Day. This is an important moment to remind us of the fragility of our planet’s environment and our responsibility for its protection. As a member of the export furniture industry, we pay more attention to sustainable development and use creativity and innovation to contribute to the earth's future.

On this special day, we stop and look back on our past efforts and achievements. We strive to ensure that our products are not only of premium quality but also comply with environmental regulations to protect our common home. Our wood comes from sustainably managed forests and our fabrics are made from eco-friendly materials, all out of love and respect for the earth. Below I will highlight the environmental protection measures for fabrics and wood in furniture production:

Fabric selection and management

  • The textiles of our furniture are OEKO TEX® certified. Whether fabric or leather, our furniture fabrics are not only soft and breathable, but they are also extremely durable and easy to clean, ensuring a comfortable and long-lasting experience. In addition, we have carefully selected Subrella fabrics for our outdoor furniture, specifically designed to withstand the challenges of sun and rain.

  •  All Miglio furniture is made of "E0" grade glue, which complies with World Health Organization and European standards. Not only does it have excellent adhesive properties, it is also safe, odorless, and harmless to human health and air quality.

  •  We carefully select biodegradable, sustainable, and odorless foam fillings for all sofas. Not only do these fillers have excellent elasticity, but they also reduce pollution of the marine and soil environment.

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We are committed to minimizing scrap and clipping waste. We optimize fabric utilization and precisely plan cuts and designs to ensure minimal excess fabric. Surplus fabrics are often recycled or donated to community organizations in need, maximizing the use of resources.

Timber selection and sustainable management

As an important raw material for furniture production, the selection and management of wood are crucial to environmental protection. We are committed to using only wood from sustainably managed forests, such as FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified wood.

  • Our factory is ISO 901 and ISO14,1 certified and we use larch as the raw material for the sofa frame. At the same time, we increased the thickness of the furniture wood to make it stable and durable.

  • For outdoor furniture, we specifically choose teak as the raw material. Our factory produces in strict accordance with international standards and quality management systems to ensure the quality and reliability of teak raw materials. Our outdoor furniture not only has the unique texture and elegant appearance of teak, but it can also withstand the test of various natural conditions and is not easily affected by sun, rain, and wind. It reflects our pursuit of quality and reliability and conforms to the concepts of environmental protection and sustainable development, providing users with a comfortable and long-lasting outdoor leisure experience.


Regarding timber supply chain management, we have established long-term cooperative relationships with our suppliers to ensure that they also adhere to environmental and social responsibility standards. We regularly review our supply chain and work with our suppliers to increase transparency and sustainability in our wood sourcing.

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