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Modern Outdoor Sofas Bring a Streamlined Look to the Back Yard

Views: 4     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 05-07-2023      Origin: Site

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Whether they're part of a carefully crafted outdoor gathering spot or stand alone as an isolated seating area, modern outdoor sofas bring a streamlined look to the back yard. Choose from styles ranging from breezy open-weave wicker to sleek aluminum and resin for cool serenity that stands up to the elements.

No matter your aesthetic, you'll want to make sure that a modern outdoor sofa is both comfortable and durable. Look for cushions with high density foam that supports the body and is machine-washable, and pick a fabric with a water-resistant surface to keep moisture out. For extra protection, opt for a furniture cover that keeps rain, dirt and UV rays away from the cushion covers.

modular outdoor sofa

With a modular outdoor sofa, you can create an expansive seating area or cozy up With a modular outdoor sofa, you can create an expansive seating area or cozy up for a conversation in a small space. These seating pieces have more manageable dimensions than standard outdoor couches, and most have a design that allows you to reconfigure them without the help of movers or an interior designer. This flexibility makes them ideal for outdoor spaces where seating can be more difficult to accommodate based on the size of your yard or patio.

We have a variety of modular outdoor sofas on our website that can be easily re-configured to suit your space and seating needs.Plus, each modular outdoor sofa is made from materials that are able to withstand the elements and stand up to years of use.

l shaped outdoor sofa

The L Shaped Outdoor Sofa

The L shaped outdoor sofa is one of our favorite pieces of patio furniture. It offers plenty of room for everyone to sit, lounge and chat, especially when paired with one or more outdoor accent tables. Whether you’re designing an industrial-inspired pool deck or a zen garden, this type of sectional is the ideal place to entertain guests, have casual coffee dates or simply catch some summer rays.

For a modern sectional with a twist, look no further than this charcoal wicker set. It features a built-in chaise that’s ideal for kicking back with your go-to beach read and a matching coffee table for all the essential accessories. Top the sleek silhouette with a few nautical throw pillows and white bolsters to bring on the coastal vibes.

modern outdoor sofa

modular outdoor sofa

l shaped outdoor sofa

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