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  • A big draw of nature recursion,Marshmallow Sofa is the fine piece for home!
    Conforming to the leisure furniture style and aspiration for new fashion, lately, Miglio’s in-house design team launched a green-vibe sofa with the focus on simplicity yet fostering the expanding use of low-impact materials, reducing waste and prioritizing circularity. Green-yellow/Lime green/Beige
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  • Environmental Protection Evolves Along With Our Daily Life
    Low-carbon life has become a real necessity of society. The requirements of energy saving, sustainable products and environmental protection are increasingly stringent.
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  • Ultimate Cozy Furniture In The Haven You'll Never Want To Leave
    Relaxation and wellness are the top designing trends in 2023. A cozy sofa is the perfect piece to take a break and get lost in your life of ease. Marshmallow sofa is an eye-catching item that lives up the void and blank in your living room. The structure integrates well with the contours of the hum
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  • MIGLIO 5792 's Exhibitions in Retrospect and Anticipation 2023
    MIGLIO 5792's experience in the up-market of furniture could be traced back to 2008. We have a factory plant covering an area of more than 35,000 square meters and we are veteran to high end market. We mainly produce indoor and outdoor furniture, like sofas, beds, dining chairs, leisure chairs, dini
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  • Honoring Father's Day with Modern Furniture: Generating the Cozy Ambiance in Daddy’s House
    The Father's Day, the most common date across the countries is the third Sunday of June (except in some Catholic countries of Europe and Islamic countries), is to honor the affections of fathers and the contributions from the paternal society. Home is where the heart is. In this special loving day,
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  • Modern Outdoor Sofas Bring a Streamlined Look to the Back Yard
    Whether they're part of a carefully crafted outdoor gathering spot or stand alone as an isolated seating area, modern outdoor sofas bring a streamlined look to the back yard. Choose from styles ranging from breezy open-weave wicker to sleek aluminum and resin for cool serenity that stands up to the
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  • Choosing a Minimalist L shaped Sofas
    An L shaped sofa can be placed in the middle of a living room to draw the eye to the seating area. It can also be paired with a coffee table to create a focal point. It also has the advantage of providing space for wall decoration and storage. The L shape sofa is perfect for spaces that are limited
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  • How to maintain the sofa?
    Regular maintenance, bovine leather surface distribution of pores, as the human skin maintenance as divided into dry and wet season to maintain. Dry season every two months to clean oil once, the usual season can be 3 to 4 months to maintain once.Daily maintenance, use a clean soft cloth to regularl
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