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MIGLIO 5792 's Exhibitions in Retrospect and Anticipation 2023

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MIGLIO 5792's experience in the up-market of furniture could be traced back to 2008. We have a factory plant covering an area of more than 35,000 square meters and we are veteran to high end market. 

We mainly produce indoor and outdoor furniture, like sofas, beds, dining chairs, leisure chairs, dining tables, coffee tables, side tables, outdoor lying beds, etc., in company with OEM/ODM and customization services. In particular, The minimalist sofa setcorner sofa and garden chairminimalist modular sofa, and outdoor sectional table get popular. We spearhead by providing superior quality, cost-effectiveness, inviting materials and exquisite craftsmanship, mainly exporting to more than 20 countries like the United States and Europe. With 15 years experience in design, production and sales, we advocate the environmental protection, health, and scientific humanization design concepts, and provide high-level services through effective communication. There is nothing more satisfying than providing our clients with their dream pieces that align with their home ideals. In order to serve the huge market demands, we had participated in furniture exhibitions both domestically and internationally this year. It is our pleasant to share the journeys in delight.

In March, we took part in the 51st China International Furniture Fair in Guangzhou. The main propose was to broaden the market horizons and initiate the cooperation. We fully utilized the opportunity to meet with our friends and customers.

Furniture Fair-01

By May, we got another chance going to South Africa to participate in the Hotel & Hospitality Show. This was our first time and first stop of the international tours and everything was refreshing out there. Johannesburg was once the biggest gold mining area in the world. 

Our agreeable days with some old friends and customers. 

corner sofa

The next stop was Dubai, an emerging global city and business hub of the Middle East, as well as a major transport hub for passengers and cargo.

Upon arrival, the totally brand-new territory gave us uncharted ambiance. 

garden chair

The Hotel Show exhibition was extremely hot with all walks around the world. This time, we had deeper exploration with buddies and clients about the life, the well-being and the significance of friendship.

luxury sofa set

By finishing the whole-day hectic work, we discovered a Chinese cuisine since we had thought of the inviting hotpot, Haidilao. How would we call him? A noodle dancer? He is entertaining, right? 


In retrospect, the outcomes of these exhibitions turned out well by the great efforts and exertions, and we had earned our spurs and high esteem in the furniture field.

The universe takes on a completely resurrection in 2023. Optimism allows and defines there would be more room for growth in the global market. In the upcoming September, we will be present at CIFF in Shanghai. Therein we would like to invite our esteemed customers warmly rejoice to be with!

metal chairs outdoor

minimalist sofa set  

corner sofa

garden chair

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