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A big draw of nature recursion,Marshmallow Sofa is the fine piece for home!

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 07-17-2023      Origin: Site

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Conforming to the leisure furniture style and aspiration for new fashion, lately, Miglio’s in-house design team launched a green-vibe sofa with the focus on simplicity yet fostering the expanding use of low-impact materials, reducing waste and prioritizing circularity.

Green-yellow/Lime green/Beige Marshmallow sofa, holding the mild eco theme color, covered by well-stacked and wrinkle free fabric, with high resilient fillings inside, delivers you a sense of charisma and sophistication. 


By the use of mellow soft lines that integrate the entire void, it helps to get rid of the stereotype of design. 


Scientifically, the design carries out the human body curvature with the function that effectively unwinds and alleviates fatigue, which surrenders you with indulgent sensation.

The flattening and spacious armrest providing strong support, tolerates various free states of human activities.


H 70CM

W 260CM

D 98CM

We have more fabric options available in-store! For our full range of fabrics, please visit us or contact us now on sales@migliohome.com.

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