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The Secret Behind The Genuine Leather Furniture

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   As a symbol of high quality, luxury, and durability, the genuine leather furniture has always played a significant part in home decoration. More or less, have you noticed any scars on the surface of a leather sofa when you are on purchase? These scars are naturally occurring and represent the maturity of cattle.

    In the course of the manufacturing process, cowhide will be divided into different grades in line with the utilization rate of the leather surface. Mainly, the criteria is applied basing on the number of scars on the surface and the relative density.


Grading takes place in the process of removing cowhide and tanning it into blue leather. According to the number and density of scars, from low to high, they are labeled as Grade A, B, C, D, etc. (Scars outside the main position, such as the neck, belly, buttocks, etc. do not impact significantly on the grade of leather)

 1.On the basis of industrial generic standard, there are very few cowhide of Grade C and D that can be employed, accounting for about 8% -10%, that is, out of 100 pieces cowhide,8-10 pieces with relatively few scars, can stand out.


2.The cowhide with moderate scar condition, approximately accounting for 30% -50%, require simple patching and grinding, without coating or with a very light coating layer. These cowhide sofas take up the mainstream of mid-market.

Therefore, when genuine leather with flaws being in use to furniture making, how can we optimize the utilization of cowhide in the premise of ensuring the sofa quality?

1 (1)

1.The skin tissue with psoriasis on the cowhide itself, is relatively rough. Usually, it will be not in use or it would be applied for sofa cushions or areas covered by backrests or armrests.

2.Basing on the sofa styles, in different positions, we usually use the cowhide with flaws which were not well salted during the process, or with small corrosion points occurred due to improper operation of hair removal, which are with similarity to the size of a needle, which have no effect to the solidity of the leather. But they are not usually used in the center of the main parts of the sofa. Definitely, there are some customers who are quite capricious and would boldly use it in the main parts of the cushion and backrest.

3.The skin tissue in the cow neck inevitably will have a natural transverse texture with no damage to the leather surface and cortex, but the stripes in this part are not coordinated with the entire body. Usually, the neck pattern is used in a secondary position on the sofa, but also specifically used horizontally on the backrest of the sofa, ensuring the entire sofa more heroic and atmospheric.


Intelligently applying the flawed cowhide in different positions can also become a major player of art. When purchasing, as long as you rationally figure out whether these scars will affect the solidity of the leather, without affecting the overall aesthetics, it is still worthwhile to purchase!

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